Three Tests to Walking in Governmental Authority

Nathan Shaw from New Zealand shares how there are three tests for those who walk in governmental authority. His examples come from the life of Joseph who was a model of one who had this authority and includes the tests he endured such as, jealousy, false accusations, and more.



Authority can be used for great good or for great evil. Joseph was tested severely. His testing lasted for a long time. However, his position of authority in Egypt also lasted a long time. Joseph never misused the great authority that was entrusted to him. Adversity tests our ability to respond with self-control.

To the Josephs of this generation who are wounded, bleeding and forgotten, you have endured years of testing and adversity. You have been pushed to the limits, yet somehow kept going. You have experienced the wounding of betrayal, jealousy, false accusation and neglect. Many of you have wounds that are so deep it seems like they will never heal. You have questioned whether you will ever be seen, ever be heard, or ever live the destiny that was prophesied.

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Source: Three Tests to Walking in Governmental Authority | The Elijah List

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