So Mueller has succeeded in turning over the thumb screws to New York attorneys who are squeezing Trumps attorney for some salacious and damaging audios recorded under what used to be attorney/client confidentiality. (My guess is they dug up dirt on Cohen’s taxi business and this is what he’s offering as a deal.) They tried this tactic with Paul Manafort and it failed.

In turn the attorneys gave confidential recordings to CNN so they can attempt to humiliate the President 24/7 before a global audience. And this is just the beginning. That’s right. CNN will take their assault on the President before a world audience and damage American prestige over and over again.

What’s left in the Democrats relentless invasive quest to destroy the President? Will Priests be required to report what is told to them in confessionals? What’s left after you break down the lawyers? Maybe Moms?

This latest effort to reach into Trumps past (another woman from 10 years ago) will play well to the CNN base but backfire with the 45% who approve of Trumps economy and tireless efforts to make America Great.

It will positively outrage the 88% in the Republican Party who approve of his performance.

The Leftist media will be on assault with 93% negative coverage, but it will look more and more like bullying and New York lawyer mob tactics.

And it should – because it is.

As media goes “mad cow” over the Supreme Court nomination the Left will have accidentally accomplished what they never intended, the complete mobilizing of an otherwise complacent opposition, right in time for Mid Term elections.

And so the scripture is fulfilled “The pit they have dug they have fallen into themselves.”

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