This storm will pass.

Anybody notice something unusual about how the virus is consuming all the drive-by media newsrooms with talk of schools shutting down and even the Stock Exchange closing, but…
An alternate universe kicks in as the news shifts to covering Democratic Primaries! The virus no longer exists. It’s gone! Nobody stops to suggest avoiding the public on Super Tuesday, or asks, “Is it a good idea to have these 78 yr old candidates shaking hands and schmoozing around thousands of potential voting virus carriers?”

And here’s the granddaddy of questions nobody brings up – “Do you think it’s a good idea for Democrats to have a convention in Milwaukee with thousands of people if this virus is so contagious?”

Nope. Schools may shut down, stores may run out of food, the floor of the Stock Exchange may close, and the economy may go into a dangerous recession but fear not because life goes on as normal when it comes to beating Trump. It’s as if the Democratic Party has a virus space shield.
The President speaks like a father to the nation and says, “don’t panic.”

This storm will pass.

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