They Will Soon Appear

Mario Murillo writes concerning a type of Christian leader and believer soon to emerge. He also explains how they do not fit the present mold seen in culture today but that they will be catalysts. They will usher in the next great awakening.


God is warring to save America. You must find your assignment in that war. But how can we know our assignment? The secret to finding your assignment is your heart. God speaks to the heart and then the heart must control the mind. Today, many spirit-filled believers are unwittingly involved in New Age practices. They relate to God as if He were some kind of ‘force’ rather than a Person. They think that audacity and confidence will unlock gifts, authority, and direction. They speak of “activating gifts” as if there was a formula to supernatural manifestations. My friend, it comes through brokenness, not arrogance. The ‘force’ is a farce.

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Source: They Will Soon Appear | Mario Murillo

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