These Are The People Republicans Should Fear? Democratic Socialists Meltdown

The Daily Caller obtained footage from a recent Democratic Socialist Convention and the results couldn’t be funnier. Instead of discussing their policies, their way forward on how they plan to win over more voters, or even how they could increase their influence in Congress, their “convention” turned into a complete circus act.

There were meltdowns, triggerings, anxiety and – not to be missed – Jazz hands!

We’re now at the point where young liberals have been so coddled that their every whim must be fulfilled, or their anxiety is triggered and they must run off to their nearest safe space. Clapping is too triggering, so instead, the attendees were asked to perform jazz hands to show support.

Oh, and talking is too triggering and anxiety-inducing. Lastly, there was then a huge argument over ‘gendered pronouns’ because one of the attendees dared to say “guys” when addressing the group as a whole.

With friends like those, who needs enemies! Watch the full clip below!

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