Mario Murillo writes yet another on point prophetic perspective on the nature and source of what the left is doing. The crazy, demonic outbursts of the Fresno professor regarding the loss of George Bush’s wife Barbara, received backlash for her tweets. Her defiant response stated she could “never be fired”…


Here’s an excerpt:

We who are filled with the Holy Spirit have a unique advantage and responsibility.  We understand demonic activity.  The entire strategy against our freedom is demonic.  These cracks in the armor of the monster are a sign of answered prayer.  It shows us that our stand against the powers of darkness is working.

The masters of the left don’t want you to realize why Trump is still so popular.  And why Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jerry Brown, and CNN look more and more crazy every day.

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Source: THEIR WAR IS AGAINST US NOT TRUMP | Mario Murillo Ministries

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