Why would a successful gay black actor pay two Nigerians to stage an attack on himself in order to smear white Trump supporters? Why is the Left so eager to find evidence of racism that they will stage MAGA incidents? I’m aware that this is the act of an individual but this individual was acting on behalf of his group cause, and there were no brakes in place to slow down the path from lie to leverage over all media outlets. This hoax exposes the unhealthy eagerness in the heart of Trump haters to believe these stories.

And there’s a pattern developing.

What does this story have in common with the Covington kids? How about the media rush to cannibalize the MAGA hat-wearing teens? This actor’s hoax is the second huge rush to judgment. When you see the list of Democrat celebrities and politicians who went on the record, all too eager to believe and support Jussie, it makes you wonder… why are we so quick to believe an evil report? My guess is we want certain things to be true. In this case, the Left desperately wants the racist Trump supporter narrative.

But there is a price to pay for such eagerness – and the price is the loss of credibility. It’s a price you pay when the truth comes out. It’s a price you can feel because it exacts the currency of embarrassment. It’s the embarrassment you feel re-reading and perhaps deleting your morally outraged public pontifications.

Point is? Covington and Jussie. That’s twice in 30 days.

Folks won’t be so quick to jump in next time a MAGA hat is targeted as a criminal prop. The Left won’t be less partisan, but they will be less impulsive. (For the record, the right is partisan also.)

After the Ocasio-Ortiz Green Deal, and llan Omar’s antisemitism, and late-term abortion legislation in NY and VA, (on top of the blackface controversies and rape allegations) is the mental imbalance of the left finally upstaging the caricature of the Right? I think so. And if not, it’s getting close.

This is a painful process, but truth does triumph if given exposure. My heart goes out to this young man actually. It’s a mess.

A good place for him to start recovery would be to stop lying. The latest story is that he is shocked to discover he knew the perpetrators! If only SNL existed on the right.

Report: Chicago Police Believe Jussie Smollett Paid Two Men to Stage Attack | Breitbart


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