The White House Is Buzzing With Energy Right Now…Let’s Pray!

I was just at the White House where there is so much going on I could feel the place just buzzing with energy. That being the case, we wonder what we can do. Well, of course, there is something we can do, pray!

I want to emphasize something here that I want you to catch. The united prayer of God’s people is the most powerful arresting force to come against the anarchy going on!


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  1. Noanie Christina Courtenay

    The remnant in Australia stand with you. My President to… is the Lords Cyrus. For he holds back the hand of the enemy. All THE PLANS OF THE MOST HIGH BE FULFILLED that he has raised Cyrus up for
    His plans and purposes, the King of Kings….Yeshua Ha Mashiah. His promise is…No weapon formed against us shall prosper. For he shall Cover us with his feathers, and under His wings we take refuge.
    We sing praises and Honour to our conquering King the Lord of Lords, forever and ever. Amen
    May the Peace of the Lord most high be with us All….As One We Stand on the Truth…The Rock of our Salvation is He. 🙂

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