The Uprising Has Begun

Wanda Alger shares a word of encouragement regarding what is going on in the world. He spoke of the chaos, the darkness, and the uprising of evil on the earth and more, but not to despair or lose hope.


Things are never as they appear. The great deception has blinded many to that which is happening behind closed doors and in the side halls of justice. The plans I am unfolding go beyond the systems of man and the ways of the earth. For I aim to bring My justice and righteousness which can only be served from My throne. True justice can only come from Me. All else will fail.

I am using man in this redemption process. I am using those whom the world has rejected and the Church has criticized. I am breaking barriers of Religion and Pride and offending those who mock Me. My heart is mercy but my eyes are fire. I am not slow as some consider, but am steering all that is taking place so that all will see Me and know Me, not only as Redeemer, but as Everlasting, from whom all right judgments come.

Stand firm. Do not allow yourself to be caught up in needless battles on the adversary’s battleground or in endless red tape in the court rooms. Make it your aim to enter My throne room, for it is here that your authority is secure and unchallenged. The enemy has no access here.

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