The United States Will Be United Again.

Christy Johnston shares both a word and a vision the Lord gave her regarding the United States. She received these while she and her husband Nate were praying in Australia for President Trump and the United States. She shares how the verse Job 5:12 kept coming to her for the President and the people of America and then heard the Lord speak.



I then saw a vision of a huge patchwork quilt covering the United States. Covering each State was a separate patch, and upon each patch was an individual promise from the Father over that State. The enemy has worked divisively to divide the United States of America by creating separate divisions amongst state verses state. I saw a blueprint of the enemy’s plan that read at the top, ‘DIVIDE AND CONQUER’ and I saw strategies written where he was planning to pit one state against another. I hear the Lord saying, “from every corner of this great Nation, this plan WILL NOT PREVAIL!!! Though the divisions have threatened to tear the seams apart, I am in this hour, weaving together the States of the Nation so their fortified force together will be stronger than ever before. Not one single State will be given into the enemies hands, for It was my hands that wrote the Pledge of Allegiance, it was My decree over this Nation: “One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” It will be My hands that will DELIVER it and I will not relent.”

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Source: The United States Will Be United Again. | Nate and Christy Johnston

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