The Trump Miracle Is Not For Wimps

Mario Murillo writes yet a truth-bomb which includes wake-up calls for all! He addresses the Never-Trumpers, as well as those who believe our President will “save” our country. Mario leaves no stone unturned in this article. It is up to Christians in America to do the “work.” What is it that you can do?


Those of you who worship Trump need a wake-up call too. He is not supposed to usher in revival. We are. He is not the one to pray without ceasing. We are.  He is not the moral leader of America…that is the church!

You claim Trump is a miracle like King Cyrus. But Cyrus didn’t help Israel build for very long. It was up to the people of God to seize the miracle. If not for the astonishing endurance of a handful of priests, prophets, and one notable cup bearer, Israel would have remained in ruins.  (Read Ezra, Nehemiah and Haggai).

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Source: The Trump Miracle Is Not For Wimps | Mario Murillo

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