The truth is now out. A dedicated patriot and 3 Star General, Michael Flynn, was set up by the FBI in a trap that destroyed his career, savings, and family. It was pulled off by a spiritually weaponized combination of corrupt intelligence agencies, politicians, and corrupt media outlets. The facts came out – Obama knew what was going on. Agents agreed to set up a perjury trap.

This was all done by Obama Deep State holdovers in the FBI, DOJ, CIA and NYT, CNN, and MSNBC.

It is all coming out now.

The goal was to take President Trump out of office. They did not care that this would distract, wound, and hurt the nation. They presented the leader of the free world as a pervert who hired urinating prostitutes. They smeared the minds of our sons and daughters and hurt our stature in the eyes of the entire world. Then to add insult to injury, they awarded each other prizes for cutting edge journalism. They told the world repeatedly that America is a dysfunctional nation. Then they proudly put vagina hats on their heads and marched off in all their gynecologic self-righteousness. James Comey’s daughter and wife proudly joining the parade. (For real.)

And why did we all have to go through this? Because like spoiled juveniles, they could not wait till the next election to retake power. They had to have their power restored now.

The Left insists on telling you what to do, how to speak, where to go. We are entering a period where China is exposed, the corrupt intelligence community is exposed, and corrupt democrats are being exposed.

The question for us is this – has America tuned out? Maybe, but the people of God who changed history in 2016 are watching with great interest.
All this evil was done in conjunction with a spirit of deception and manipulation.

If we do our job, the veil will start to tear, and the police state tactics that destroyed Flynn, Stone, Papadopolous, and Carter Page will boomerang back on the deep state.

Source: Our Dress Rehearsal for a Police State

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