The Thunder of God’s Truth is Coming!

Garris Elkins shares how the thunder of God’s truth will unravel the bonds of deception connected to one’s worldview. He also shares the importance of moving and speaking with the authority of God’s love.




The people held captive by deception are not our enemy. This is an important distinction to make because the enemy wants us to see the faces of those held captive under a spirit of deception as our enemy, not the deceiver himself or the spirits who do his bidding. This misstep will keep us battling in a lesser realm of conflict where no victory is possible.

It is critical once the confusion begins to take place that we make sure we are moving and speaking under the authority of love, not retribution, payback or succumbing to a lynch mob mentality. Some of those who are under the influence of an evil agenda will wake up when the confusion begins and they cry out to God for help.

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Source: The Thunder of God’s Truth is Coming! | The Elijah List

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