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2 Comments on "The Signet Ring Anointing On Your Life"

  1. Cheri Owens

    Oh my goodness Lance so good I’ve loved Esther forever. The scepter of Esther is truly having the ear of the King .. when we pray He hears us I John 5:14,15
    Well done 👍🏻 as usual.. Clarity and direction. Blessings and great peace to you

  2. Marsha Carol Watson Gandy

    LANCE, I RECEIVE this Annointed teaching for my life! It is TIMELY! When Tommy Tenney wrote the book: ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING, and Generation 8 (Matt and Laurie Crouch) made the movie—It was Outstanding…..Strangely—at the time—I did not understand WHY the movie was not a BIG success…..I understand it now….The warfare was so intense against this movie because it was about the JEWS!

    Ah–but GOD has a Timetable for Everything, and Your Teaching this NOW is reaching many, many people—and I believe that WE are READY to Receive it NOW!

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