The Second American/Revolutionary War

Rick Joyner, Founder and Executive Director of MorningStar Ministries, had a prophetic dream on 12/14/18. It involved America and dealt with various attacks coming upon our country. He explained what he saw and why there is an importance placed upon Heaven’s perspective regarding the attacks.



We are already in the first stages of “The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War.” I know this leads to many questions, such as: What are the sides? What are the issues? What is right about it? Most important of all, what does success in this war look like from heaven’s perspective?

As the saying goes, “If we do not change our direction we will end up where we are headed.” We don’t have to be a prophet to see that we’re headed for civil war. Even so, before the dream I felt that we still had a long way to go before it became “inevitable.” In the dream, I saw that we had already crossed that line and it is now upon us, so we must change our strategy from trying to avoid it to winning it. To do this, we must have heaven’s view of what winning looks like.

From heaven’s perspective, we did not win the Revolutionary War. From heaven’s perspective, that war was about more than just gaining our independence—it was about liberty and a revolution in the government of men that would establish and maintain liberty and justice for all. Some significant things were accomplished in this war, but there were also some very basic ways that it fell far short of what heaven viewed as successful. If the Founders had truly believed that all men were created equal—what they declared to be the reason for seeking independence—then slavery would not have been possible and the Civil War would not have been inevitable.

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Source: The Second American/Revolutionary War | MorningStar Ministries

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