The Restoration and Rise of Families!

An encouraging word on the family comes from Katie Barker. She shares how the Lord spoke to her about His plan to restore families and the rise of kingdom families who carry His heart, and that there will also be a rise of those who will stand for restoration.


I then heard the Lord say, “There is so much treasure and power in family, for this is My heart. Just as families are arising who are vessels through which My power will be released and My will established, so too spiritual Kingdom families are arising in the same way. They are not just a gathering of My people but a family joined for the purpose of advancing My Kingdom. They are hubs who operate in the model of family and bring transformation to their region through equipping and releasing My people to impact their sphere of influence and walk in their destiny. These Kingdom families carry My heart, walk in My ways and display true discipleship. The enemy has tried to blind My people to the power of family but it is through family that My glory will be released in greater ways in the days ahead.”

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Source: The Restoration and Rise of Families! | The Elijah List

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