The REAL Thanksgiving Story

400 year Anniversary of Christian Foundation as part of America’s Past. Here’s the real story behind the persecuted Pilgrims that came here in 1620 and the price they paid for freedom and the utter failure of socialism that they turned around in 24 months to create the unique fusion of faith and freedom and enterprise that made the United States. Apologies that I had to do this on an iPhone and did not have a microphone so there is an echo. Staff is off for a well deserved Thanksgiving break.

One top follower said: “As my children and I recently read a biography of William Bradford and Squanto, it shook us how the 400th anniversary this year is a sign of our coming redemption. Squanto is Joseph. He suffered human trafficking and yet God made him a blessing to save a pilgrim group of people that resettled his native tribe’s village. What was meant for bad, God turned to good. The Lord prophesied to Abraham that his descendants would be slaves in Egypt for 400 years. After Joseph, that’s what happened. But God sent another redeemer for them after about 400 years. May this be the cycle of our nation’s story.”


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