The Parkland Kids Have A Lot In Common With Pentecostal Child Preachers

That title by itself says a lot. This article does quite the job of comparing these kids to pentecostal child preachers. Progressives have latched onto these kids from Parkland like they are a sort of young “Messiahs” to show the rest of “us” just how terrible conservatism is and more.

Here’s an excerpt:

Progressivism is similar to Pentecostalism in this regard. The purpose of progressive preachers is not so much to teach the faithful the specifics of policy. If it were, progressives wouldn’t equate understanding how guns work with arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Rather, the purpose of progressive preachers is to confirm the spiritual feelings of the faithful — to reaffirm that they are right to consider themselves victims of Republican oppression and conservative cruelty, right to believe they deserve a place amongst the protesting saints of Selma, and right to believe the god of social justice has called them to build his kingdom on earth. And, like the Pentecostals, child preachers offer progressives the greatest validation of these inward feelings.

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