The Marketplace Anointing Will Take Hold in 2019

From Chantell Cooley is a word regarding the marketplace and the powerful anointing accompanying those in it that God wants to use. She covers launching new businesses and establishing new foundations for business professionals, as well as a substantial shift in the atmosphere across nations, and economies.


There will be a new wave of culture and atmosphere infused into businesses where the needs of many will be met. As Believers sit, work and interact, God will use them to heal hearts. Those who listen and understand this anointing will be effective in reaching the lost. Simply reaching out and meeting business men and women, co-workers and clients where they are, without fear or judgment, will be the key. As God’s people move in grace and understand, the power of kindness and care toward colleagues, supervisors and subordinates will open their hearts to them, and God’s people will bring healing to many broken hearts. Just prioritizing and meeting the needs of others will set people free.

As churches make accommodations to work with and meet needs in the marketplace, many lives will be saved and transformed. Churches will fill up as they learn to identify with marketplace individuals, and by using those in the marketplace as an extension of ministry teams.

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Source: The Marketplace Anointing Will Take Hold in 2019 | The Elijah List

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