The Lord Says: I’m Giving You a New Normal

Lori Suiter shares a word she heard from the Lord while on a plane waiting to take-off. She shared how He spoke to hear about new heights in Him, expect surprises, trusting Him beyond what we can see, and to not be afraid of taking a leap of faith.



He said, “Make sure you have your destination and radar set on Me and that your headset is on and tuned into My frequency only, and I will direct your steps. You must discipline yourself to have eyes and ears for only Me in order for Me to take you to the heights I want to take you to. I’m giving you sniper-like vision, but you must be looking from Heaven’s perspective in order to see things clearly. You must lose sight of the ground (natural) so you can truly learn to fly with Me (supernatural). You must become accustomed to heights instead of fearing them. I’m giving you a new normal.

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Source: The Lord Says: I’m Giving You a New Normal | The Elijah List

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