The Lord Is Handing Out Scrolls For America

While Larry Sparks was praying with a community of believers during the dedication of a prayer chapel, the Lord gave him a vision. He shares his belief that the vision is regarding an assignment the Lord is extending to prophets, intercessors, and others—how to effectively pray for the United States of America.


In the vision, I simply saw the hand of the Lord reaching out to prophets and intercessors, giving them rolled-up scrolls on behalf of their cities and states. Anytime we have supernatural experiences, visions or dreams, we cannot be content with simply indulging the supernatural imagery without contending for an explanation.

The high benchmark of the prophetic ministry is not, and I repeat, NOT how supernatural or spiritual our prophetic words, visions, dreams, and experiences sound. When we receive messages from Heaven they will always come in a slightly “coded” manner. There will be this veil around them, not because God is making things difficult for us, but rather He’s inviting you and me into dynamic communication with Him as friends and intimates. He wants you and me to ask Him for the translation—and He is faithful to provide it!

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Source: The Lord Is Handing Out Scrolls For America | The Elijah List

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