The Lesson

Mario Murillo draws from his observations of the churches in the state of California and shares some powerful insights. He takes note of church growth for one, asks poignant questions like where was the church when the state became abjectly hippie, communist, and why Christians voted for Gavin Newsom.



Soon, Movie stars, pop stars, and famous athletes became status symbols for these churches.  Instead of the mega pastor discipling these celebrities, the celebrities discipled them.   It became impossible for these preachers to quote scripture, teach doctrine, or oppose liberal agendas.

Finally, taking a stand against left wing politicians became unloving.  Pastors escaped their duty by saying “that is not my calling.”  They took the Bible out of context in telling them that any political statements were judgmental.  Any Christian voter registration effort was downplayed or banned.

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Source: The Lesson | Mario Murillo

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