The Late Awakening & Reopening America

The Great Awakening is the theme we want to see manifest. Believers are all talking about it. But these things historically follow or precede a crisis or war. If we don’t handle this next 30 days right, we won’t go out of a crisis, we will go into a deeper crisis and meetings for Awakening will not be any more likely than stadium sports events or airline travel with a full row.

We live in two realms and the spirit realm better overlap government or we are in for a Rude Awakening. The worst part of this nose dive is that we are doing this to ourselves. A Self-Inflicted Great Depression. 22 million thrown out of work. Dare I say that certain political persuasions want more shut down and don’t care about a Great Depression?

We can make this all turn around.

I believe that.

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  1. For the last few years God has spoken to me something “special” on New Years. This year it INCLUDING great words of Hope. This was, of course, before the virus really got going in the US. I was meditating on the return of the Jews from Exile. I remembered about the 5000+ sanctified and dedicated gold and silver Temple vessels that had been removed from the Jewish Temple before it was destroyed; they were all brought to Babylon and placed in the temple of their false god. Cyrus then ordered them to be returned to Jerusalem.
    I had meditated more than once about the “status” of these vessels, i.e. were they–through no fault of their own–no longer considered “sanctified or dedicated” to Yahweh. When they returned would they need to be ritually re-dedicated? Might seem like a silly question at first, but… Reading in Ezra, I was impressed with the fact that they had seemingly endured intact for 70 years (including the months of traveling across the desert). Then Father began to speak to me. He said in a very joyful manner:
    I began to rejoice, too! I felt this was Hope from Father–BEFORE–the pandemic had really gotten started here! HOWEVER, I believed God was giving promises of Hope soon to come! BUT–I had asked God directly for a CONFIRMATION of His word! I had never asked for that before!!
    A few days later I received a phone call from a man who had been a friend of our family for about 40 years. However, I had not heard from or seen him for around 15 years (during which time my husband had died). All those 40 years Don vacillated in and out of drugs and alcohol. He was a Christian but seemed bound by drugs and would keep going back to them. During those years he had become a wealthy businessman (in between!), divorced his wife, remarried and then divorced her. He left the state.
    After all those years this man suddenly called me after I had heard Father’s words. The good news? He was living in another state, had been clean from drugs and alcohol for 11 (ELEVEN) years and was working with addicted men through his church!! On top of that he was again prospering financially!
    I can say with confidence that God is bringing home the “Vessels” who have been locked up in Satan’s “temple”. And, I believe He gave this word to help us get our eyes OFF from what is happening around us, and to FOCUS AND HOPE ON GOD’S PLANS!!!!!!!

  2. I have a personal petition going that I am sending to people to sign that is for my state of Indiana, however this petition signing represents all the states in America. Go to Betsy Fritcha or just put Betsy Fritcha in Google and you will see this petition. Thank you for signing this and sharing with others to sign so our state, local, and national government uphold our United State Constitution they swore to uphold against all enemies foreign and domestic that includes coronavirus. Thank you
    Betsy Fritcha

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