The Lance Wallnau Show: Trump Rips “Husband From Hell”

I’ve been told I’m something of a “Trump Whisperer.” Did you know that? It’s as though I interpret or translate comments our President makes, or more often than not, what he’s tweeted from his Twitter account! Let’s take this week’s situation for example. Did you hear about Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George? I mean, he had quite a severe episode of “TDS” (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Here is how the story goes…

So George has had this constant problem with the President. But why in the world would he pick a fight with his wife’s boss, the President of the United States? Well, part of this stems from Brad Pascale, Trump’s former social media director behind the Presidential election. Pascale lambasted Mr. Kellyanne Conway on Twitter because Trump turned down “desperately seeking a job George,” for a position he really wanted! Thus the history behind the manifestation of “TDS” why George comes out swinging!


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