The King Is In The Field – With His Harvesters

Lori Perz shares a word that talks of the importance of the Hebrew month of Elul, which takes place from September 1-29. She describes the meaning of the name, “Elul” which includes harvest and inspecting our hearts, plus a time of repentance.


September 17 is Constitution Day in the United States. Amazingly, September 17 also marks the date of Israel’s elections. There were elections in the spring but Prime Minister Netanyahu was not able to form a coalition; this is “Round 2.” We must cover this time in prayer!

The U.S. Constitution is our FOUNDATIONAL document. Israel is having elections that will form a new FOUNDATION for their government. We are two COVENANT nations, and God is speaking about the foundations of these two covenant nations being established and converging.

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Source: The King Is In The Field – With His Harvesters | The Elijah List

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