The Kavanaugh Hearing – What’s To Be Learned

So, what is to be learned from the Kavanaugh hearing?

For one, no one really cross-examined Christine Blasey Ford. And she also presented herself as a psychologist, but she’s not! (I think this is all part of a “branding ploy” by the left). She is an academician, meaning, her degree work is in the Psychology of Education.

Another would be regarding the polygraph test which consisted of only two questions!

On goes the “list” I gathered, are you ready for this?

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  1. Jennifer London

    I learnt that my male relatives and friends can be accused of anything at any age now. It’s a scary time for young people. Praise God for the clarity and new info that is emerging. I’m going to spend the time til Kavanaugh is confirmed praising His holy name for His good and perfect will towards us.

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