The Jochebeds: A Company of Women Who Will Deliver Nations

Anthony Medina shares a word specifically for women whom God is calling as “Jochebeds” in this hour. He explains the significance of Jochebed in the Bible, including the importance of this role concerning nations.


The Lord spoke to me very deeply through the story of Jochebed and said that He was raising up a company of Jochebeds in this hour. This is a company of women who:

• Carry God well. These women are excellent stewards of the presence of God in their lives. They love the Lord deeply, dialog with Him daily, and worship Him lavishly. The Lord has kissed their lives with the “glory of Jehovah,” and they are known by who they are, not what they say. They walk with great spiritual authority due to their intimacy.

• Allow God to carry them well. Their level of dependence on the Lord is at a high level. They know that if Jehovah isn’t their glory, then fulfilling purpose is difficult. These women allow the Lord to carry them, their burdens, victories and losses because their personal history with the Lord has seared into them that His yoke is easy and His burden light (Matthew 11:30).

• Carry deliverance and birth deliverers. Jochebed had the DNA of a deliverer herself and when she came together with her husband Amram, Moses the deliverer was conceived.

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Source: The Jochebeds: A Company of Women Who Will Deliver Nations | The Elijah List

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