The Iowa Caucus, a Super Bowl Prophecy, and Half Dressed Halftime

I’ve got some big updates for you on the Bob Jones Super Bowl prophecy, which claims that revival will come if Kansas City wins the Super Bowl. I was watching the game, and I felt the spirit of the Lord, I didn’t want San Francisco to win; I was cheering for Kansas City! The last six minutes were amazing, they came from double digits behind to 24-20 and the quarterback is a Christian who said “you’ve just got to have faith.” That’s the takeaway here, even when it looks like we’re losing, we’ve got to have faith!

The halftime show was about as far from family entertainment as you can get and Michael Brown asked why are we so shocked? This has been going on for a long time. What does that say about our culture, our nation and our morals if that’s the halftime show? Plus, I’ve got another prophecy to tell you about and we need to talk about the Iowa caucus!

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