The Graduates – Dr. Don Lynch

This is a vision that Dr. Don Lynch posted just today that deals with an allegorical comparison of sorts to one of C.S. Lewis’s well known series, The Chronicles of Narnia. His vision coincides with what Lance has talked about regarding the next move of God that includes the Ezra’s, in the reformation of the church.

Here’s an excerpt:

To complete the C.S. Lewis context and play on words, I saw the Lion.
In the vision, He is large and in charge. He is the hope for the realm. He is the One willing to give it all leading a people unwilling to give very much. In a world that says, “Let the Lion do it,” He walks majestically forward to call me out for an assignment.
“I need a new institution of preparation for a new season of warriors leading a new Era of warfare. The war is locked, but I wish to break open this deadlock with keys that unlock. I require that you take the education mountain in the mountain of the Lord.”
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