The Grace Period Is Over

A strong word from Mario Murillo who shares that the grace period is over for “false and carnal” preachers because there is too much at stake. He explains that it is overdue to the importance of saving a nation from destruction.



Meanwhile, those political policies have oppressed the sheep of God. Godless laws got them fired for being Christian.  You said nothing. Political correctness got their children suspended from school. You looked the other way.   Godless laws bankrupted bakers, florists, and other Christian small businesses.  And still, you were silent.

In your silence, you are taking other people down with you.   You are damaging your audience by only saying what they want to hear. You have not led them forward; you have not removed them from danger.  Worse yet, when you finally speak out, it is misguided.

You were silent when Obama worked his destruction.  But now you oppose a President who is doing more for the sheep of God than you are.  Man of God: Tell the truth.

I was awakened out of a dead sleep, and God said, “It is time to fulfill My promise.” Then He showed me Jeremiah 3:15, “And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

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Source: The Grace Period Is Over | Mario Murillo

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