The Generations of Prophets and the Value of Running Together

Great word from Elizabeth Tiam-Fook who covers the value of generations of prophets running together. She shares her experience of observing those having been hurt in the church and wondering what the outcome could have been if they might have had an older, “seasoned” person to walk with them. This led to research and interviewing prophets to get their feedback.


When God asked me to start our ministry, International Young Prophets, I knew that He wanted me to use all that I had learned from these leaders. Prophets are unique types of people and I have had to learn how to work with them, even though I too am a prophet. When the Lord asked me to build “a company of global, next-gen prophets” I wasn’t even sure what that really meant. I personally had not seen this modeled and was trying to figure out what this Old Testament term looked like in my modern-day world.

I started to research and ask seasoned prophets what that looked like to them. The movement that I was building was going to be from multi-streams, multi-national and multi-cultural. We would honor the mothers and fathers who had paid a price in the prophetic movement. I was told that many prophetic leaders stayed in their own streams and that it was a new thing for streams to come together, like what I was doing. We started to get prophetic words from different prophets that we would be one of the “healthiest prophetic movements.” As I was getting those words, I didn’t realize that God was going to let me see the things He wanted me to correct and bring honor and maturity back to some parts of the prophetic.

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Source: The Generations of Prophets and the Value of Running Together | The Elijah List

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