The Fog is Lifting! Greater Clarity is Coming!

Katie Barker shares an encouraging word for those who have received visions and direction for their lives. Barker shares a vision she saw which included seeing heavenly scrolls. The Lord showed her how the enemy has attacked many by clouding their vision and shares three keys that will help bring clarity.


In the first couple of months of this year, many of the people of God received visions and revelations of new assignments the Lord was leading them to steward and the next step in their destinies.

The Lord then showed me that in this month, many have had their vision clouded as the enemy has brought an attack on the visions and revelations they received. Be encouraged, because this coming month we will see the fog lift and even greater clarity of vision and greater detail of revelation will be released as the attack of the enemy is broken.

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Source: The Fog is Lifting! Greater Clarity is Coming! | The Elijah List

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