The Floods Have Lifted Up Their Voice


I was standing here a little while ago showing you the property and telling you about people impersonating me on Facebook. The back yard was looking great, but look at it now! The water is so high I’m wondering if trees can drown.

This isn’t a surprise as part of the yard is on a flood plane, but it’s really something to see the difference some rain makes!

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5 Comments on "The Floods Have Lifted Up Their Voice"

  1. Beverly

    Praise G-d for the rain. Keep on sharing His word. Thank you for your word of in encouragement to are World today and for all you do. Jesus Name

  2. Shally Joseph

    Nice video! You have an awesome piece of property – Praise the Lord Jesus! You also have nothing to complain about including the flooded backyard! If there’s a bridge already there, then that flooding was meant to be😀 Enjoy the rain and your glorious backyard including the broken umbrella and know that no evil befalls the righteous! 🙌🙌🙌🌈 Blessings in Christ Jesus.

  3. Karen

    I just watch Lance Wallnau, I loved it, I felt challenged, encouraged, informed, hungry, for more of God, I am sighing on to receive his teachings and his programs.

    Karen Meanor

  4. hi Lance ! everyone talks about waking up…. we talk about UNITY but without a roadmap to follow its like hearing a great teaching on a subject on a sunday… Ask on Monday what was it about and you get a look like a dog in front of a new dish, twisting his head back and forth… I have sent you a compilation of COMMON GROUND which will not only unite Catholics & Protestants with 7 scriptures and a miracle prayer as the # 8 truth. I sincerely hope you can take some time to review along with a launch in BRANSON Missouri 2020. A long story short,everytime I come to Branson from the south side suburb of Chicago…. I know that when Jesus comes back HE WILL GO WHERE HE IS CELEBRATED NOT TOLERATED…. As Mel Gibson commented to Jim Cavizel when filming the Passion….Mel was not satisfied with the filming and told Jim we are going to redo that part… BECAUSE MEL SAID…. THATS NOT MY JESUS !!! wow…. how many of us myself included could make a statement like that…. PS… for the launch of this ministry I will be seeking Mel Gibson,Jim Cavizel,
    Denzel Washington, Tim Tebow, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity,tucker Carlson, Cardinal Burke to represent Catholics as He was “removed” by Pope Francis after he wrote the 40 declaration of truths, which was suppose to help the Church end confusion… WELL IN MY OPINION WE NOW HAVE GONE FROM a CONFUSION CRISIS to a REAL CRISIS of AMBIGUITY….. I have been INVESTIGATING the Catholic faith because despite my 13 years of study (5 in seminary) and I was totally unaware of my need for a savior… I had to find out where “I” went wrong… after15 years I discovered it was not just me but the Catholic Church did not teach the GOOD NEWS but preached to LOVE ONE ANOTHER… as awesome as that sounds and it is certainly true… it misses what the GOSPEL REALLY IS…. it has been an amazing journey and I must release this ASAP… ps Tracy Eckert was prophesighing ZERUBBABELS TEMPLE I WAS BUILDING THE MODEL 15 years ago…. I believe we will build that temp-le in BRANSON 2020…. rick mech 708-205-2681

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