The EU Is Waging War On Israel!

Joachim Kuhs, who is a member of the EU Parliament on the Budget Committee for the Alternative for Germany party (AfD), visited Judea and Samaria in August. He saw first-hand how the European Union is undermining the peace process and funding illegal Arab settlements in Area C.

Skyline of the Old City at the Western Wall and Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.



We spoke to Likud members who are well aware of the dangers posed by anti-Israel governments and the growing violence against Jews in Europe, and are open and friendly to the AfD. We met with NGOs like “Reservists on Duty”, who expose the lies told about the Israeli army by far-left activists like Dean Issacharoff of “Breaking the Silence”. Unfortunately, Dean’s father Jeremy Issacharoff, the Israeli ambassador in Berlin, has yet to condemn his son’s radical agenda, even after the violent riots he was involved in in July. Mr. Issacharoff is apparently too busy giving interviews to the “Neue Westfälische”, a newspaper which is 100% owned by the left-wing Social Democrats, calling the AfD “anti-Semitic” and claiming we seek to “downplay the Holocaust” without any evidence for these outrageous claims.

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Source: The EU Is Waging War On Israel! | Israel National News

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