The era of Cyrus rulers.

People get this wrong frequently. The “Cyrus” word is not a term for Donald Trump exclusively. It is a term that describes a type of leader raised up by God for the benefit of the people of God and the protection of their sovereign nations whose borders, culture, identity, and uniqueness are under siege. These aspects that make up “the glory of nations” are in danger of being lost to a vigorous end time effort to build a new Tower of Babel based on the illusion that surrendered sovereignty (independence and boundaries) leads to greater freedom, prosperity, and peace. The exact opposite is the case. Give up your freedom to this system, and it will lead to greater bondage. Until Christ is ruling on earth, there will be no one-world government that will exist for the benefit of all. Donald Trump and other Cyrus type rulers are the true resistance to the spirit of lawlessness that paves the way for a system called “the beast.”

As you read this article note the names of leaders and nations, who are striving to protect their boundaries and the CHRISTIAN faith. Contrast with the globalist who believe in a one-world system led by them through the United Nations as the instrument of global governance.

Source: Hungary joins Trump’s attack on ‘open-borders’ agenda at UN, says ‘national interest comes first’ | Fox News

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