The Emergence Of The Nameless And Faceless Generation

Kathi Pelton shares a word and a vision she had recently regarding the coming emerging of the nameless, faceless, generation. Pelton also shares about an encounter she had where she saw a thirty-year-long assignment against identity, previously sent by the enemy.



I was taken into a brief but profound vision where I saw a white haired man (Paul Cain) speaking forth the vision, and as he did the enemy grabbed hold of it in terror and sent orders to bring about a demonic demonstration of a “nameless and faceless generation” by bringing such deception and confusion about their identity that they wouldn’t even know their gender. He would use fatherlessness, the media, Hollywood, the education system, and every means possible to release confusion in the lives of the younger generation so that the pure and holy vision would be snatched away. The enemy has relentlessly unfolded his plan for identity confusion over the past thirty years. I recently had a thirty-year-old tell me that she identified as “Z.” When I asked her what that meant she said, “It means nothing. I have no identity!”

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