The Crimes Of Our Educators: Brainwashing America’s Kids Into Communists

We’re starting to see the globalist agenda come into play, and the one force standing in their way is the United States. In a few short weeks, the United States has already been sucked into the vortex of communist Marxist ideology. The Black Lives Matter movement is rooted in Marxist theology. Our young people don’t realize that they’ll never see a better life than they’ve got right now. What they’re doing to the United States is destroying the greatest, freest, most prosperous nation in the world because they don’t know any better.

And why don’t they know better? These kids have been trained in the schools. What you’ve got now is the fruit of the American academic system, the universities, which are manifesting now. It doesn’t matter if it’s the elite schools of Harvard, Yale, or Duke, our young people’s minds have already been infiltrated in left-wing ideology, like a cult. All of them talking about social justice, cultural Marxism, and intersectionality. They’re being turned into weaponized machines by socialist teachers. Schools are intimidating parents, and indoctrinate kids in elementary school, high school, and junior high with a curriculum of common core brainwashing.

Christians and pastors need to get this clear. What’s happening in America is a counterfeit awakening. It’s the desecration of the old sacred to install the new deities. That’s why images of the old sacred like your flag, and the founders has to go. It’s a Pharisees spirit, and it will not tolerate imperfection.

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