The Coming Of The Second Great Reformation

Soorin Backer shares a word about the Reformation as well as a significant vision she had. Her vision took place in Germany where she had a unique encounter with Jesus, and with that came the word regarding Reformation.


The Lord spoke very specifically that the first Reformation had been hijacked by division, religion, and tradition. God knew that the first Reformation would not bring the Body of Christ into its full purpose but it was a necessary step in the process of maturity. God isn’t threatened by immature stages of development. In fact, He factors in the growth process and celebrates every step of the journey.

Secondly, He revealed that the first Reformation did not have the proper resources to bring about cultural transformation in the nations. It birthed ideologies, freedom from oppressive religious control and the individual right to study the Scriptures. However, because of the immaturity in the Body, God could not entrust the resources that would have given the Church influence over nations.

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Source: The Coming Of The Second Great Reformation | The Elijah List

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