The Collapse Of Christian Culture?

The collapse of Christian culture in America has created a vacuum that is being filled by a sinister new alliance of liberal lawmakers, liberal lawyers and liberal judges siding against religion and family. Nothing new here, but the alliance has taken a dangerous twist. Courts are now ordering Fathers and mothers to turn over their children to the power of judges who support the LGBT agenda as regards gender reassignment. Children are being taken from parents by the state so the children can receive state-sponsored injections to change their sex. Families that refuse to support their child’s sex change can lose custody of their sons and daughters.
This is so shocking I had to resist a full out Alex Jones moment.
Think about what is happening. This judicial invasion of family rights is a manifestation of wreckless overreach and ignorance at a moral, intellectual and constitutional level. First, it is an assault on personal liberty, religious liberty and the fundamental protection of citizens from the tyranny of government at levels not seen since the Founders rebelled against King George! This blatant assault on the religious beliefs of parents actually expands the power of LGBT activists over any rights of parents regardless of belief – even scientific rejection of the spurious and often contradictory research underlying the whole gender fluidity field.
Secondly, and perhaps, more importantly, is the issue of the maturity of children in making this decision. I see no reference to the children’s age in the two cases sighted in this post. If a child of say, 12 to15 years of age is capable of making such a fundamental and life-altering decision regarding their own gender and the medical procedures needed to make such decisions permanent, should they not also be judged mature enough to leave home, drive a car, get a job, drink, marry, get drafted, and own a gun?
And if not – why?
But I think things are worse off than we imagine. I actually think the same activists who advance this agenda will say, “why should they not have these rights?” And the reason they would say so is that they would also get the right to vote.
Imagine that?

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