The Call For Patriarchs And Matriarchs

From Wanda Alger, she shares how a group of men and women of God are arising to take on the mantle of fathers and mothers. God is calling them for the purpose to prepare the upcoming generations to help shift culture, to be Kingdom ambassadors, and to bring change to the earth.



I was recently reminded of a dream where I gave birth to a baby and within a few hours, I was cradling this small child in my arms on top of a platform which I presented to the world. The growth and development of this gifted child happened very quickly, and it was obvious it was supernatural. It was a dramatic illustration that the most powerful platforms needed for the emerging sons and daughters will be established through fathers and mothers. Rather than looking for a platform to speak from, the Lord is saying YOU are that platform from which He is going to build and establish a lineage of rulers and agents of transformation.

Through the story of “Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” God demonstrated a pattern in establishing His people through at least three generations working together at the same time. God’s first nation was born and bred multi-generationally, paving the way for other nations to follow. In order to secure our inheritance as a royal priesthood and a holy nation (see 1 Peter 2:9) heaven is looking for a people that embrace and esteem fathers and mothers and celebrates multi-generational relationships. The Lord is placing within these fathers and mothers an unshakeable conviction of that which is yet to come – a manifestation of heaven on earth released through their sons and daughters.

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Source: The Call For Patriarchs And Matriarchs | Wanda Alger

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