The California Catastrophe

Mario Murillo posted his perspective on the catastrophic fires that California has continued to battle against. In the midst of such loss he asks what it all means, and shared how there is a door of opportunity for the body of Christ.


There’s this chilling shot from space that shows the smoke from LA is about to meet the smoke from Northern California out at sea.

Many in this state are losing hope. They have lost houses they worked for all their lives, they have lost beloved pets, and they have lost loved ones—a loss that never goes away.

Everywhere you look there is a dazed stare.  People wondering after drought and massive floods, and now apocalyptic fires, each one bigger and deadlier than the last.  When Santa Rosa burned, when the Lake fire came, then Redding, then Santa Barbara, then Paradise, then Los Angeles.  What on earth is going on? What can this all mean?

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Source: The California Catastrophe | Mario Murillo

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