The Billy Graham Prophecy

After an election, there’s all kinds of dust that is flying around, and people are trying to determine what’s happening. Everybody knows that something is changing, and we can see the spiritual atmosphere. This would be what historians call the fourth turning.

Through time certain things happen that are called boundary items in history. It’s a moment when something stops and something else starts, and is inserted as an event in a historic timeline. When Moses passes Joshua’s day begins, and when Billy Graham died, a new era began. Here’s the interesting thing: When Billy Graham died he was lying in state in the nation’s capital on the feast of Purim. So what does that mean?

We’re going to talk about territories and geography because you’re living in an era now where cities and States are the frontline of a spiritual conflict. Many Christians are going to have to come out of hiding in the next season, the days of easy believism are going, and those who are going to be godly in Christ will suffer a degree of persecution. But sometimes the persecution has a positive effect because people who know you’re a Christian, will come to you and ask you to pray for them in the days ahead.

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