The Baby Called ‘Harvest’ is Here! Expect Triple Increase

Diane Lake shares how she’s had several dreams with a theme of constant change that included seeing new things such as new clothing, a new haircut and more. She also had dreams recently regarding how God is bringing an increase, as well as one where she saw a global harvest represented by a baby.


The Lord continues to confirm to me that we are in a completely different and new day. I continue to have dreams of new clothes, new haircuts, new jewelry, and going to new levels of all kinds. What’s interesting is that even God built into us the desire for something new. I think just about everyone appreciates springtime with its new growth and new life, and enjoys trying a new restaurant, a new outfit or a fresh, new haircut from time to time.

Over and over again, I’m hearing that we are in a new day of increased favor, and that this is going to be a year of unlimited change.

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Source: The Baby Called ‘Harvest’ is Here! Expect Triple Increase | The Elijah List

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