The Anointing Of The Scepter of Esther and What That Means For America

What does this all mean for us?

Here is some of what I cover in this segment in this sixth of my series:

  • Walls restore boundaries.
  • Cyrus accomplished the protection of religious liberty, economic stability, and protection
    from terror.
  • Zerubbabel was the next phase after Cyrus. There was a unique collusion of the
    government with the believers at the time.

We are at the line for the reset in America. Will we or will we not have a reset?

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3 Comments on "The Anointing Of The Scepter of Esther and What That Means For America"

  1. Debbie Evans

    I saw what you were explaining clearly and shared it, too. I did not understand it as clearly as you demonstrated but I did see it. These last days are going to be something right out of Revelation, no, doubt. Thank you, Lance for what you and you’re family are doing. Sigh.

  2. Just one minor but important detail. Cirus was Jewish. Why? His mother was Queen Esther. So, he was not a Gentile called to help out the Jewish people. It was part of God’s plan to raise up a leader from amongst God’s people that would deliver God’s inheritance from exile. This was a prophetic picture of Yeshua. I use Cirus as a prophetic picture of the church. However, the Gentiles have been grafted into the commonwealth of Israel and have become sharers in God’s promises with the natural seed of Abraham. So, effectively, the Gentiles who are in Christ are now part of the Commonwealth of Israel. Blessings, Eric Michael Teitelman.

  3. robyn watson

    I noticed the mention of myrrh, which speaks of death and suffering (I think). That makes sense to me, as God’s preparation for ministry always involves suffering, and a death to the flesh.

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