The Angelic Host Are Awaiting Our Instructions!

Wanda Alger shares a word calling forth intercessors to release and declare the word of the Lord. She also shares a related prophetic dream from another prophetic intercessor that confirms this same word.


I knew this was a picture of what happens in the spiritual realm when we release the word of the Lord and declare His purposes out loud. The angels know His word and when they hear us speak it out, the Father has specifically charged them to heed His word so that it does not return void. The ISV translation states they are “obedient to the sound of His words.” This is a clear charge for us to not just sit on the sidelines and silently pray, but to take our stand right in the middle of enemy attack and declare God’s words with clarity so that the angels can do their work and accomplish God’s purposes.

It is not enough to simply make requests in hopes of help arriving. The fact is, help has already come! They are the angelic host that are waiting on US to give them instructions. Because of increased enemy attacks, both natural and spiritual, heaven is calling for believers to SPEAK UP and DECLARE God’s Word so that the demonic forces are not just taken down, but taken OUT. WE are the ones they take their cues from and then RUN to the battle to bring home the spoils!

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Source: The Angelic Host Are Awaiting Our Instructions! | Wanda Alger

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