Surprise! This is the Year of the Unusual Rise

Ben Lim shares a word for 2019 that it will be a year of great reward and justice for the people of God. He also shares how he believes there will be an unusual surplus of change and transition taking place, and that the Lord is repositioning the world in a quick and accelerated pace.


The Lord is about to show up and show off on behalf of those who have gone low in humility and love before Him. The Lord is about to prove Himself strong for those who have waited upon Him in the secret and in the quiet place. I believe this is a time and year where the Lord will give you more than just “double for your trouble.” He is going to bless you and restore unto you all the enemy has taken from you. This is a year of divine retribution and recompense.

This is a year where the Lord is about to reward His saints and His sons with great oil and fire. The Lord is about to distinguish His people with such a glory that all of creation has been waiting for. As the Elijahs rise, the Jezebels and all of their false prophets will fall.

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Source: Surprise! This is the Year of the Unusual Rise | The Elijah List

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