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Greetings- Just 6 days shopping left befor Christmas. Be very afraid.


Check out the video I did for you last night at midnight! Think about this quote from David Lane – “politicians are actors who read the script given them by the audience.” There will always be a vessel ready to embody the audience script. To change the stage you have to write a new script. The audience is the key. I included a picture of my Amish friends because they represent this idea. The Amish are a very closed community, however, when a couple of them who follow me got an insight into Trump, they played a decisive factor in tipping the Amish in Pa. into the direction of a candidate. They knew how to engage their community.

Back to Lanes comments. What matters is who shows up.

1.) Show up! Infiltrate the audience. Buy tickets. This refers to the issue of engagement. Clarify what’s important to you. Register to vote and then show up and vote. Don’t stop there. Find out what areas near you are open to audience participants. Get on the school board and participate in local, state and national governing. 

I would love to take this further and talk about other factors that shape a play like “reviews!” Critics and reviews shape the audience but the show is only threatened if you are a critic who impacts sales.

But let’s not only be culture critics – let’s be content creators. Write better stuff and build an audience. Christians in Hollywood are doing great because they have low budget projects with good stories that sweetly pay back investors. Don’t we have talented Christians who could put together a Hamilton with a twist that punches the spirit of political correctness in the snoot?

We will eventually make this underground a platform to network people together around areas where I see a breakthrough. I’m looking for the leading disruptors I can find representing each mountain. Some are “Ninjas,” meaning they can be Christians but cannot let their enemies know the extent to which they are consciously and intentionally warring against the devil to advance the kingdom. Some are emerging and in this group. You yourself are a change agent and need a “deliverable constituency” of your own in order to advance. We may be able to help.

Enough for now.

My wife and I are taking off today to an undisclosed location to minister to women she works with who are in a program to get them a fresh start in life. There’s always something you can do. Ask God to show you a need near you.

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