Suicidal Follower of James Woods Prompts Action On Twitter

By Sheri Horton

Actor James Woods, whose only social media presence is through his Twitter account, tried helping a suicidal follower Monday night. Andrew MacMaster, a military vet, tweeted he was going to kill himself, clearly indicating suicidal signs. The post was later deleted, but Woods took immediate action.

“Hello, . A man named Andrew MacMasters just said on that he is sitting in a parking lot and is going to kill himself. He’s sitting with his dog, a black lab, possibly in a WalMart parking lot. Can you do a ? He is a Marine Vet.”

Throughout several hours, Woods kept in contact with local area police. Woods who has over 1 million followers, had many who joined in with him, soliciting locals in the area.

Perfect strangers sent many prayers and words of encouragement to MacMaster’s twitter account. Several hours passed without any word of MacMaster’s condition or whereabouts. Meanwhile, Woods had been traveling and had tweeted to MacMaster stating he would pull over to any motel and talk to the vet.


Suicidal Follower of James Woods Prompts Action On Twitter

Local police were finally able to connect with MacMaster’s Tuesday morning, but his whereabouts were still unknown. Law Enforcement stated they would continue working to locate him physically.

This is not the first time when Woods has taken action to help others on Twitter. The recent fires in California was another example where he posted for several days, helping get people connected, finding pets, and sharing local resources. It just shows how the power of social media can be used both positively and effectively.

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