Strike Your Wells of Revival!

Christy Johnston shares how the Lord had recently impressed the words, “Ancient Wells” upon her heart. She also states how one morning she woke up hearing the Lord saying that He is calling His people to strike the ancient wells of revival. She then saw a vision of a fierce battle waging in the second heaven – a battle of ferocity that has been over the reclaiming of these ancient wells.


You might be questioning what I mean by ancient wells. They are the wells of contending prayers of many past generations, the promises of God that are yet to be unearthed, and the wells of revival that our previous ancestors cultivated. We see all throughout Scripture how God honored the prayers of His people, long after they were gone.

Likewise, I believe that there is a window of opportunity opening to us right now, where the Father is calling you and I to strike the ground of ancient wells, ancient prayers and ancient revivals. I believe we are living in a time where we will see with our own eyes the fulfillment of prayers that were contended for long ago, and the fulfillment of revivals that died out before their time.

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Source: Strike Your Wells of Revival! | The Elijah List

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