Strike the Ground and Do Not Delay!

Sylvia Neusch shares from the story of Elisha and King Jehoash in 2 Kings 13:16. The insights she received from this story are powerful, this is an important reminder of the power of obedience, and how God uses people who are willing to engage with him in seemingly “foolish” acts to accomplish His purposes and will.


I feel God is wanting to speak through this story to encourage us to go the distance in this new era with hearing His voice and following through to the full extent without excuses or delay. It also stood out to me that the king didn’t go back and try to shoot the arrows later after receiving the rebuke from Elisha. He had lost the moment, evidently, and there would be no gaining that back. Though we are now under a covenant of grace, we are not to take advantage of that grace by delaying obedience, but instead we are to quickly obey the promptings of His voice.

As we have transitioned into a new era it is imperative that our thinking and mode of operation shifts with what God is shifting. Many times, in the past few months, I have felt the Holy Spirit reminding me to not believe with a preconceived mindset or see with the lenses of the past season. He is calling us to step into a new realm of faith, and authority; seeing and believing Him for the impossible to be accomplished. We must raise our expectations to believe and partner with Him for more!

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Source: Strike the Ground and Do Not Delay! | The Elijah List

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